Supporting English Language Schools

Since being elected to the House of Commons in 2010, Conor has supported English language schools, a vital sector in our local economy. contributing 100s of millions of pounds to the local economy.  Conor made his maiden speech on the subject and has spoken frequently about the support they need as well as engaging with Government Ministers and the language schools in the constituency.

The Labour Government introduced a change in visa arrangements which changed the requirements for students coming into the UK to learn English and also required students to leave the country if they wanted to change their visas for degree level qualifications. Overseas students are also included in immigration figures. Conor secured a change in these visa arrangements to ease the situation.

Conor has been tirelessly trying to improve the situation for students, language schools and ensure that the sector remains strong in his constituency and in wider Britain. 



Conor hold meeting about Youth Mobility Scheme

Conor attended a meeting local of the The Youth Mobility Scheme group at the Anglo Continental School in Bournemouth . The Youth Mobility Scheme is a temporary visa that enables those aged between 18 and 30 to study, work or live in the UK for up to 2 years.

Conor continues support for English Language School sector

Following on from my recent debate in Parliament on the English Language sector today I brought local schools to meet Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Minister Paul Scully MP. The sector is vital for Bournemouth and Poole and I want to make sure they get all the support they need

Conor Leads Adjournment Debate

Conor leads an adjournment debate in the House of Commons on the future of language schools and pays a tribute to Prince Philip.

Visit to Bright School of English

Conor was invited by Ben Morgan the Director of Bright School of English to look around the school and discuss the difficult and challenging situation language schools were facing during the covid pandemic.

Meeting with local language schools

Conor met with local language school owners to discuss the challenges that the covid pandemic has had on their businesses and the devastating impact I that it has had on the local economy as students are unable to visit the UK at this time to study English.

Bournemouth Air Festival 2018

Conor attended the Bournemouth Air Festival 2018, where among other things he met with Guido Schillig, the Managing Director of the Anglo Continental School of English and guests involved in the work of attracting international students to come and study in Bournemouth.

Conor visits Kaplan International College

Conor visited Kaplan International College in Lansdowne to learn more about what they do and discuss changes to higher education and the future of international students once the UK leaves the European Union.

Conor Burns attends International Education Forum meeting

Conor attended an International Education Forum meeting to discuss business opportunities for international schools and the hospitality industry in Bournemouth. Bournemouth is, after London, the largest centre of language schools in the UK.