Supporting English Language Schools

Since being elected to the House of Commons in 2010, Conor has supported English language schools, a vital sector in our local economy. contributing 100s of millions of pounds to the local economy.  Conor made his maiden speech on the subject and has spoken frequently about the support they need as well as engaging with Government Ministers and the language schools in the constituency.

The Labour Government introduced a change in visa arrangements which changed the requirements for students coming into the UK to learn English and also required students to leave the country if they wanted to change their visas for degree level qualifications. Overseas students are also included in immigration figures. Conor secured a change in these visa arrangements to ease the situation.

Conor has been tirelessly trying to improve the situation for students, language schools and ensure that the sector remains strong in his constituency and in wider Britain. 



Anglo-Continental School of English Visit

Conor visits the Anglo Continental Language school to learn about the challenges and successes as well as to see how he can help this important business sector in the constituency.