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Voter involvement is key to the success of our campaign. Take the first step by joining us!

Conor and the Bournemouth West Campaign Team have an active programme of contacting local residents to understand what matters to them. While much of this happens through this website, email and increasingly social media, there is still no substitute for meeting people face to face and letting people know what we stand for through traditional leaflets and letters.

So we have a weekly programme of canvassing, delivering leaflets, stuffing envelopes and meeting local residents across Bournemouth West. If you are interested in helping Conor's campaign in any way, please take the first step by signing up here to register your interest. It will only take a few seconds and a member of our campaign team will be in touch with you in person to see how you can help in the way that suits you best.

If you would like more information please fill out the contact form or email us with your details or contact Conor via twitter telling us how you would like to help and we will respond accordingly.

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