Sunrise Senior Living

Conor visited Sunrise Senior Living in Westbourne and met up with some old friends.

Conor Prepares Lunch

As part of Constituency Tourism Day Conor, complete in chefs whites got stuck in to preparing lunch for guests at Bournemouth’s Connaught Hotel.

More Social Housing

Conor cut the ribbon on a new council house development in Kinson.

Elm Academy

Students from Elm Academy visit Conor in Parliament.

The Three MPs

Bournemouth West's last three MP's and 66 Club Presidents met up at the 66 Club Spring Dinner at the Bournemouth Highcliff Hotel.

St Michael's School

After their visit to the House of Commons Conor visits students at St Michaels School.

Bournemouth Water

Conor paid a vist to Sembcorp Bournemouth Water to be briefed on the quality of the water supply