Local News

Conor visits JP Morgan Chaseside Campus

Conor was invited to visit JP Morgan’s Bournemouth campus at Chaseside. The purpose of the visit was to look at the ways in which the bank have integrated itself into the local community and to view the new developments that have recently taken place on the campus.

Conor tours SGN Depot

Conor was invited to tour SGN’s Poole depot on Friday 1st December. SGN is the South of England’s largest distributor of natural and green gasses, which provided Conor with a fuller understanding of the scale of Bournemouth’s gas distributor and how effectively the company operates. 

Conor attends Crumbs first Open Day

Conor joined his friends at Crumbs in Redhill, a local charity that provides catering training and work for people with learning difficulties and disabilities. As a patron of the charity, Conor was eager to take a look at Crumbs progress since his last visit.

Conor presents awards at ‘Howe Inspired’ Celebration

Conor was invited by Dorset Police & Crimes Commissioner, Martyn Underhill to the Howe Inspired Celebration. The event centred on those in the local Howe community that have contributed to the Regeneration Partnership and the West Howe Community Enterprise.

Conor welcomes Lord Maude of Horsham to Sixty Six Dinner

Conor invited Lord Maude of Horsham, a long-standing Conservative frontbencher to the Sixty Six business club, which Conor is President of. The club has a rich history of inviting prominent political figures to speak to Bournemouth’s local business leaders.

Conor attends St. Peter’s Church Frost Fair

Conor visited St Peter’s Church Frost Fair on Saturday 2nd December. The Fair is a group contribution by volunteers from across the local community, which hosts table top sales that are contributed to the Church.