Conor supports "Ask Her To Stand"

Conor was delighted to meet Rachel Maidment and give his support to the "Ask Her To Stand" campaign.  

The event was organised to encourage more women to stand for election as MPs and to seek a 50/50 ratio in Parliament of men and women members. 

Rachel who is a probation officer with 15 years of experience, is an active member of the Bournemouth and Poole community, and sits on the AFCB equalities committee.

Writing to Conor, Rachel said “Politics has become something I am more and more interested in, but I am unsure how to become more involved. I would be fascinated to have the opportunity to visit Parliament on such a momentous occasion and to learn from others who have already walked this path. I hope that it will offer me an insight and enable me to take practical steps to develop plans for my future."