Boris Johnson becomes UK Prime Minister

Conor Burns MP has expressed his delight that Boris Johnson won the Conservative Party Leadership election, thus becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Conor, who has worked closely with Boris for a number of years, strongly believes that Boris will deliver on his key pledges of delivering Brexit by 31st October 2019, uniting our country and defeating the threat of a far left government under Jeremy Corbyn.

Since becoming Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has also pledged to:

  • Make sure Britain is prepared for a no deal, as the best way to get a great new deal.
  • Make sure people start seeing the £20 billion in new NHS funding in their GP surgeries and local hospitals - as well as an additional £1.8 billion in new extra funding for the NHS.
  • Hire 20,000 new police officers and giving them the powers to keep our streets safe.
  • Properly fund our schools so that every child gets more guaranteed minimum funding, regardless of where they live.
  • Deliver a strong economy to fund the public services we all rely on.

Commenting, Conor said, "I have always known Boris will make an excellent Prime Minister for our country, and I have been struck by the significant - and positive - change of tone in government over just a few days. With Boris we now have a leader with a can-do attitude, who rejects the doom mongers, and is determined to, in his words, make the UK the greatest place on earth."