Protecting our local environment

Bournemouth's stunning coastline draws visitors from near and far to to experience the golden sand. As the town's natural jewel, its protection is paramount. Conor , is steadfast in his commitment to preserving our cherished beach.

Conor's vision for Bournemouth's environmental stewardship means he understands that our coastline is not merely a backdrop but a lifeline for the local economy, supporting businesses and tourism alike.

Conor calls for collective action, urging residents, businesses, and policymakers to unite in safeguarding our coastal paradise. Through initiatives to reduce plastic pollution, promote sustainable tourism, and invest in coastal preservation, Conor believes we can ensure the longevity of Bournemouth's natural beauty for generations to come.

Amidst the misreporting about rising sewage levels, Conor recognises the importance of holding sewage companies accountable. Since 2015, under Conservative leadership, efforts to mandate sewage companies to report overflows and discharges have shed light on previously overlooked issues, enabling effective action to be taken.

As summer approaches and visitors prepare to embrace our shores once again, Conor's message is clear: Bournemouth's coastline is a treasure worth protecting. Let us join Conor Burns in his mission to preserve our coastal gem and uphold the allure of Bournemouth for all to enjoy.