Bringing Business Back to Bournemouth

Bournemouth's town centre is facing challenges, but Conor isn't shying away from them. 

Leading the town centre task force, Conor's been tirelessly working to steer Bournemouth back on course. At the task force's recent meeting, Conor drove progress on multiple fronts. From addressing anti-social behaviour to rallying for increased government support, Conor's efforts are making a tangible difference.

Supporting local businesses is at the core of Conor's campaign. Collaborating closely with entrepreneurs and landlords, he's focused on filling vacant shops, attracting more foot traffic, and revitalising the town centre.

One initiative Conor's particularly excited about is the LibDem council's promise to implement a 'Residents Discount Card' for parking. Recognising the deterrent effect of high parking fees, Conor is advocating fiercely to implement this card, making it more affordable for people local to Bournemouth, to support businesses within the town.

Conor's influence extends beyond local initiatives; he's also secured a significant opportunity for BCP Council. Conor has spoken to the Secretary of State for Business to try to secure Bournemouth's participation in the 'High Street Rental Auction Trailblazer' programme. This empowers them with new tools to breathe life into vacant commercial properties and bring the landlords to the table, in the hope to make Bournemouth, a dynamic business landscape once again.

Conor understands that collective effort is key. He urges all residents to get involved, whether by sharing ideas or offering support. Together, Conor believes, we can revitalise Bournemouth and create a community we're proud to call home.

Join Conor in his mission to Build Bournemouth Back. Your participation matters in making our town better and brighter.