Conor attends Bournemouth University Graduation Ceremony

Conor joined undergraduate and master’s students from the Faculty of Media & Communications at their graduation ceremony at the BIC. The graduation ceremony included students from Computer Animation, Media Production and the Centre for Excellence in Media Practice.

Conor warmly welcomes new international students to BU

Speaking at the International Commencement Ceremony at Bournemouth University in September, Conor warmly welcomed all the new international students to BU, congratulating them for not only choosing Britain, but choosing Bournemouth for their studies.

Conor listening to residents on the doorsteps

Conor began the biggest listening exercise ever conducted by a Member of Parliament in Bournemouth West on Saturday (14th October). Conor received a very positive response from residents and even acquired a number of cases that he will take up on behalf of residents.  

Conor visits Yellow Buses Depot

Conor was invited by Yellow Buses Managing Director, Andrew Smith to their Depot on Yeoman’s Road. During the visit, Conor was given a tour of the fleet by Andrew.

Conor attends Conservative Party Conference 2017

Conor attended the 2017 Conservative Party Conference in Manchester. He took the opportunity to speak with various Bournemouth stakeholders such as Cancer Research UK, Guide Dogs for the Blind and the Post Office.

Conor attends 10th Bournemouth Air Festival

Conor attended the 10th Bournemouth Air Festival on Saturday 2nd September, on what was once again a spectacular afternoon with the added benefit of great weather.