Bournemouth Air Festival 2018

Conor attended the Bournemouth Air Festival 2018, where among other things he met with Guido Schillig, the Managing Director of the Anglo Continental School of English and guests involved in the work of attracting international students to come and study in Bournemouth.

Conor addresses the China Bournemouth Conference

Conor addressed the China Bournemouth Conference recently, where he highlighted the importance of links between the UK and China; and China and Bournemouth because of the great opportunities there are. 

Supporting the Youth Parliament

Conor was delighted to support the UK Youth Parliament recently, in their efforts to encourage young people aged 11-18 to take part in their annual #MakeYourMark campaign.  Make Your Mark gives a unique opportunity for young people aged 11-18 the chance to decide what Members of Youth Parliament 

Conor backs Organ Donation Week

Conor attended an event organised by Kidney Care UK and NHS Transplant to mark Organ Donation Week. Around three people die every day due to the urgent shortage of organs and only one in every hundred people die in circumstances where they could donate, so every potential donor is precious.

Listening to you

Conor is delivering on his promise always to listen to the views of local people.

During his first term as MP for the Bournemouth West constituency, Conor delivered a survey to every household locally as part of his commitment to understand better what matters to local residents.