Why I support the UK Internal Market Bill

Dear Constituents of Bournemouth West,

The error those of us who supported Brexit made was to assume the EU would behave rationally in seeking a Free Trade Agreement with a large trading partner like the UK. After years where the EU was effectively negotiating on both sides of the table they now see we are serious about our sovereignty.

As an institution they understand acquisition of the sovereignty of their members not a nation seeking to reestablish it. As the possibility of ending the transition period without a FTA the Prime Minister is absolutely right to take precautions by bringing in the UK Internal Market Bill. It is interesting to see so many self-appointed experts on the provisions of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement who have never taken much interest before. No Prime Minister - let alone a Conservative and Unionist one - could accept GB/NI trade flows being governed by an external power.

Therefore I fully support the PM and the Government in their precautionary approach in the event there is no FTA. Yet I still hope the UK and EU can find a way to an agreement that is self-evidently in the interests of both sides.