Conor holds Council meeting with CEO & Leader of Poole Council

On 30th June, Conor met with Chief Executive of Poole Council, Andrew Flockhart and Leader of the Council, Cllr Janet Walton at the Poole Civic Centre to discuss ASB (anti-social behaviour) enforcement in the area. This meeting was organised to follow up on progress made following recent meetings Conor has had with Residents’ groups in the Bourne Valley area. 
In preventing ASB, Poole work with partners including Dorset Police Children’s Services, Poole Housing Partnership, Adult Social Care, Housing Associations, the Voluntary Sector and other Service Units in the council to prevent and tackle anti-social behaviour, whilst protecting and supporting victims.
Conor was shown figures that show incidents of anti social behaviour in the Bourne Valley area have come back down but intends to monitor the situation closely.