Local News

Conor meets with Crack + Cider Entrepreneur

Conor met with recent Bournemouth University graduate Fleurie Forbes-Martin, a Bournemouth entrepreneur and former BU Sabbatical Officer. The purpose of this meeting was for Conor to explore new ideas to face the growing concerns of homelessness.

Conor meets with Bourne Valley Action Group

Conor chaired the second meeting in recent weeks of the Bourne Valley Action Group and invited Martyn Underhill, Dorset Police & Crimes Commissioner to attend. Conor’s involvement has centred on coordinating an effort to resolve the anti-social behaviour on Arne Avenue.

Conor gives interviews to BU students

Conor was invited to take part in several interviews at Bournemouth University for students that are completing their dissertations.

Conor meets with Bourne Action Group

Conor had an urgent meeting with members of the Bourne Valley Action Group on Saturday 20th January. The meeting was called after residents raised serious concerns about anti-social behaviour in the area.

Conor meets with McCarthy & Stone

Conor met with Head of Public Affairs, Paul Teverson and other members of the senior management team at McCarthy & Stone to discuss Government proposals for the building of retirement homes.

Conor visits Talbot Primary School

Conor visited Talbot Primary School on 9th February. The visit started with an assembly for the Key Stage 2 students. The assembly was a chance for the kids to ask Conor what a Member of Parliament does and what working in Parliament is like.

Conor attends Bournemouth University Refresher Fair

Conor was invited by Bournemouth University Student Union to join the Refresher Fair on Thursday 8th February. The purpose of the event was for students in Bournemouth to re-explore the wider opportunities that they may have missed at the first Fair in September.