Five Years of Service

Serving you as your Member of Parliament has been the greatest honour of my lifetime.

My focus as your MP has been simple: to work for our community to the very best of my ability.  Five years ago when I asked for your support to be your MP I wrote, "I want to be a dedicated local MP who is a strong voice for local people in Westminster."  That is what I have tried to do .

Every year, as I promised, I have produced an Annual Report to let you know what I have done.  I have also sent out a survey to local people. Every reply was read by me and I answered everyone personally. 

It is right that as the General Election approaches I report back to you again.  I hope you will get a flavour of the things I have been able to do for our area as your MP.

As long as you continue to put your trust in me to serve you I will always do everything I can to prove myself worthy of your support.

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