Coronavirus Campaign

This page was created to respond to organised campaigns supported by constituents and sent to me between mid-March and mid-June 2020. Given the volume and seriousness of personal cases that I and my team have been dealing with as a result of the pandemic, we have had to give priority to responding to that casework.  I therefore moved to a system of posting statements in reply to campaign texts on this site, as it was impossible to send individual replies to all campaign messages.

With the lockdown easing, the number of messages sent to me has declined, so I and my team are able to return to a more normal service.   I will be sending individual replies as quickly as possible, though some may take longer than usual as I continue to prioritise casework.   I apologise in advance for any delay.

I have left the campaign statements on the website as an archive.   Please note that the contents were correct at the time of posting but may have been superseded, so I urge anyone who continues to be concerned about an issue to contact me again.

Conor Burns